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Workforce performance optimization and improvement includes operator ability to perform rounds, identify the types of equipment, recognize abnormal conditions, perform inspections, tests, and ongoing maintenance necessary to ensure equipment and processes continues to function as per the intended design and implementation.

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Case Study: Competency Development and Assurance for Process Operators

A multi-national energy company (Company A) processing bitumen (heavy crude oil) out of the Canadian oil sands required operator training for a new multi-billion dollar processing complex which was, at the time, under construction.

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Video: Hydraulic Fracturing

In this presentation we describe the unique process of Hydraulic Fracturing used by the oil and gas industry today. Hydraulic Fracturing is a method used to extract natural gas that trapped inside shale deposits stored deep underground. This method uses controlled explosives and high pressured liquid to create fractures, allowing for the flow of natural gas to be pumped to the surface and processed.

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