What We Do

Since 1988, SMT Plus has provided onsite training services for the electronic manufacturing sector, authored numerous books on electronics manufacturing, generic off-the-shelf instructional kits and the development several self-paced online courses specific to electronics manufacturing.

Additionally, through its SMT Learning division, SMT Plus' product and service offerings provide corporate learning solutions for a wide breadth of industries.

Where We’re Located

SMT Plus is headquartered in Penn Valley, CA. SMT Plus Inc. also has operations in Canada, a globally dispersed workforce, and a network of representatives, resellers, and distributors.

What Customers are Saying

"The improvement we received from sending our people through several SMT Plus online training courses is invaluable. It increased immediately their understanding of terms and how things were to be done resulting in significant reductions in the time to get new hires and existing people up to speed on our processes and contribute to our production. Great job SMT Plus!!"

Belinda Bittner, Manufacturing Manager at Jabil Circuits